The first North Oyster School was a 20 X 30 foot structure that opened on April 30, 1891, and housed a handful of elementary school children from the district.  As the population grew, a new school was built in 1913.  Approximately 45 children from Grades 1 to 6 attended the new two-classroom school.

In 1942, the North Oyster taxpayers voted to amalgamate with Ladysmith School Division for classroom purposes.  During wartime from 1942 to 1945, North Oyster School became headquarters for the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers.  It was also used as a community centre, whist and bingo hall, ratepayers’ meeting centre, and the base for the local fire department in its formative years.

In 1993, North Oyster was given the choice to renovate the old school or demolish it and build a new structure.  With a decision to rebuild, a group of concerned citizens from the area wanted to salvage the building and convinced others that the building was worth saving.

Mr. Bert Gisborne, who owned the property on which North Oyster School now stands, donated half an acre of land.  Time was of the essence and the building had to be moved within a week.  The school district was willing to provide the $8000.00 allocated for demolition and local families donated the balance to have the structure moved across the road by Nickel Brothers.

After notification to the Highways Department, BC Hydro and BC Telephone, the pressure was on to have the lot cleared.  Trees were felled, logs were loaded, stumps burned, and the site was excavated within three days!  North Oyster and Area Historical Society was formed in September, 1993 and continues to this day.

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